Northern Plains Bowcase & Quiver. On the left is a Northern Cheyenne style replica bowcase/quiver made with braintanned deer. Lazy stitch beaded panels at both ends of  quiver and bowcase. Please note that beaded panels and the fringe on the quiver are on one side only which was not uncommon in the old days however some were on both sides and we can do that as well.  Both seams wrapped with tradecloth and laced with braintan deer. Carrying strap has two beaded panels. Three historically accurate, sinew wrapped, iron trade pointed arrows and non-shooter bow. $750. Altered commercial buckskin model is $650.  On the right is Buffalo Bowcase & Quiver. Approximately the same thing but using short-haired buffalo hide. $950. Other tribal beadwork styles available for both.

Southern Plains Style Steer Hide Bowcase & Quiver  Made from tanned steer or horsehide (when available) in various colors such as the red shown here, black or spotted. Can also be made from short haired buffalo. During the late 1800's when most of the buffalo were gone, it was common to find various things made from beef or horsehide. Drops on quiver and bowcase made from same hide and covered with beaded tradecloth...deer toes at tips. Fringe at openings are buckskin and fringes at ends of bowcase and quiver made from same hide as the rest of the piece. Openings of quiver and bowcase are beaded on tradecloth plus beaded panels near the ends. Beaded panels on carrying strap. Three  historically accurate sinew wrapped, iron trade pointed arrows plus a non-shooter bow. $1,100.
Mountain Lion Bowcase & Quiver Northern (see below) or Southern style Plains style bowcase/quiver made from the skin of one mountain lion. This one is more southern then northern plains. Paws attached to both ends of bowcase and tail hangs from the quiver opening. Quiver has mountain lion skin fringe at the end. Beadwork on openings of  bowcase and quiver plus a beaded tradecloth covered tail also with skin fringe. Tradecloth backed carrying strap has a paw at each end plus beaded tradecloth panels.  Sinew sewn. Three historically accurate, sinew wrapped, iron trade pointed arrows and  non-shooter bow. We charge $800 to make one plus the cost of the lion if we get one for a good deal, we pass it on to our customer. Most skins are around $400 however some super cats can be higher then that.
Crow Style Bowcase/Quiver   Braintan deer. Sinew sewn. Beaded red tradecloth panels on both ends of bowcase and quiver. Beadwork on both sides except top of quiver. Carrying strap backed with red tradecloth. Comes with non-shooter bow but accurate in appearance and 3 sinew wrapped iron tradepointed arrows. $750. Same with altered commercial braintan $625
Plains Bowcase & Quiver  This is a more basic bowcase and quiver which could be found with several tribes in the north and in the southern plains. Beadwork around both ends of  quiver and bowcase plus beaded panels near ends of carrying strap. Seams of  bowcase and quiver wrapped with tradecloth and laced with buckskin. Commercial braintan buckskin. Two historically accurate, sinew wrapped, iron trade pointed arrows plus non-shooter bow. Additional arrows $25 each. $390.  Real braintan $490

Gros Ventre Style Shield Approximate replica of a shield that belonged to Bull Lodge. This is the only shield we've done that is a very close reproduction of an original. Most shield designs came to men through dreams and visions so we don't like to copy them closely. There are some changes on this shield that are not like the original for that reason. Buffalo rawhide wrapped with red tradecloth on a willow hoop. Twenty-one hand painted golden eagle feathers, two beaded medicine bags, hawk bells and two horsehair locks. Hand and arm carrying straps. Paints are ground up earth pigments applied with willow and porous bone brushes in the old way. $380. 
Water Spirit Shield  Very impressive piece. Image on this shield is commonly thought of as a buffalo and sometimes it was used as such but similar ones have also been referred to by some of the Plains People as a water monster or spirit. Shield is painted buffalo rawhide on willow hoop. The shield cover is braintan deer and is what you see here. Some shields had covers and some did not. Paints are ground up earth and trade pigments applied with willow and porous bone brushes in the old way. Red wool tradecloth hangs from each side. Feather trailer is buckskin with red ochre spots and ten hand painted golden eagle feathers. Ermine skin stuffed with buffalo hair. Two hand painted red tail hawk feathers on the shield plus a beaded medicine bag, Crow beads and hawk bells. Hand and shoulder carrying straps. Approx. 22" by 48" long. $480. Without cover $410
Crow Style Shield   Approximate replica of a Crow shield. Original shield designs were granted in visions and dreams so we feel it is not proper to copy them exactly. Buffalo rawhide on a willow hoop. Three hand painted golden eagle feathers, beaded medicine bag, Crow beads and hawk bells. Rawhide cutout of a grizzly at top with Crow beads and cast resin grizzly claw. Paints are ground up earth and trade pigments applied in the old way with willow stick brushes and porous bone. Hand and shoulder carrying straps.  It is said that that this bear image represents one coming out of a cave with bullets  shot at him from the left. There are 4 known variations of this design in museums. Approx. 21" wide. $325.
Buffalo Shield Buffalo rawhide laced to a willow hoop. Probably our most popular shield. Paint is ground earth and trade pigments applied in the old way with willow stick brushes and porous bone. Shield wrapped with red wool tradecloth. Feathers are hand painted golden eagle plus two immature bald eagle and 4 hawk feathers. Two feathers stripped to the near the tip. Beaded medicine bag, Crow beads and hawk bells. Two horsehair locks. Hand and shoulder carrying straps. Approx. 21" wide. $360.
Northern Plains Shield   A shield of the Northern Plains which could have been carried by any of several tribes. Buffalo rawhide with willow hoop. Red tradecloth drops on each side with hand painted golden eagle feathers. Trailer is navy blue tradecloth with red edging and has 12 eagle feathers plus hawk bells across the bottom. Beaded medicine bag, Crow beads, hawk bells and two stripped eagle feathers. Paint is ground earth and trade pigments applied in the old way using willow and porous bone brushes. Hand and shoulder carrying straps. $400. 
Stone Club Hand pecked groove in stone. Handle is willow encased in rawhide from top to bottom. Approx. 25" long from end of handle to top of stone. Hand painted eagle feather(s), ermine skin, two horsehair locks and hawk bells. Wrist strap. Wrapped beading in two locations. This is a solid usable piece. Most clubs used in battle had less decoration  then this one however some did. $160. Minus the ermine skin and one horsehair lock $130. Plain with no beadwork or other decoration $90
Women's Belt & Articles  Buffalo rawhide belt painted with earth pigments. $45. Knife sheath is buffalo rawhide and beaded braintan deer. Round beaded buckskin drop. Tin cones. Knife is old style butcher knife. $190. Rawhide awl case (including bone awl) covered in buckskin and wrapped in beads. $110. Full front beaded braintan strike-a-light bag with old looking Crow beads and tin cones. Includes striker & stone. $190  Sinew sewn.
Rawhide Sheath & Knife  Buffalo rawhide sheath painted with earth and trade pigments. Several coats of cactus juice for protection. Hawk bells and deer toes. About 10" long. Knife is old style butcher knife. Many designs and sizes possible.  $90
Bear Knife Lance blade approx. 10" long with black bear jaws used as knife handle. Four hand painted eagle feathers, one dyed red. Hawk bells, ermine skin strips and resin grizzly claw. There were Bear Cults on the plains using knives similar to this however this one is not a copy of any one on particular. A large piece. $290.

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Knife Sheath & Knife   Sheath is buffalo rawhide colored with red ochre earth paint. Buckskin beaded top (one side), tin cones, fringes and brass tacks. Beaded round drop with tin cones on the end. Knife is old style butcher knife with cross hatched handle. Blade about 8" long. $190
Rifle Case   Braintan deer beaded in Lakota style. Lots of beadwork on both sides. Sinew sewn. Two of the fringes have red tradecloth at the tips with a little beadwork. This particular one was created for a collector to house an original rifle from the Little Bighorn battle. $1,600. The majority of rifle cases were beaded on both sides however on occasion you would see them beaded on one side only $800. Commercial braintan available if preferred. Deduct $150. Of course any other tribal style can be made. For you S.A.S.S. shooters, we're making a beaded one using hair-on steer hide.
Mountain Lion Bowcase & Quiver   Similar to the one above but in a northern style. This one leans towards the Northern Cheyenne as far as the beadwork goes. Lion skin tassels hand from the carrying strap. Same prices as above.
Northern Plains Shield   Buffalo rawhide shield on willow hoop. Painted with hand ground earth and mineral paints. Hand and shoulder carrying straps. Image has been referred to as buffalo by some or a water monster/spirit by others. Spotted buckskin trailer with 12 hand painted eagle feathers. Hawk bells at end of trailer. Two pieces of red tradecloth attached to the shield each with two hand painted eagle feathers. Two hand painted red-tailed hawk feathers. Near the top is a beaded medicine bag with hawk bells, Crow beads and ermine pieces. A striking wall piece. Buffalo rawhide $410.
Crow Style Bowcase & Quiver. Braintanned deer skin. Beaded red tradecloth panels on bowcase and quiver. Beadwork and fringe on one side only except of course the fringe at the ends of the bowcase and quiver. Unfortunately in this photo the fringe at the end of the bowcase does not show. Sinew sewn. Both seams wrapped with red tradecloth and laced with buckskin. Three historically accurate, sinew wrapped, iron trade pointed arrows and non-shooter bow. Carrying strap is backed with red tradecloth and also has small beaded panels. $750. Altered commercial buckskin model is $600.
Lance Blade Knife. Knife made from a lance blade and end of an elk antler which is hand etched with images of an elk and buffalo. Knife is 15" long, blade is 8". Knife case is buckskin covered buffalo rawhide with buckskin and wool cloth hanging strap. Glass seed beads, Crow beads and hawk bell.  All fastened in a painting frame that has been altered and painted around the inside edge. Background is yellow ochre stained canvas. Frame is 13" x 28.5". $275. Just sold but we can make another one or one similar.
Plains Indian Style Saddle I. Our saddles are made mostly, but not always entirely,  from cottonwood, the traditional wood for saddles. Covered in buffalo or elk rawhide depending on the saddle and situation. Stirrups are formed willow or dogwood covered with rawhide. Both are historically correct. Sewn with buffalo or elk sinew. Latigo, cinch and stirrup straps are typically made with old saddle parts we round up locally which was not at all uncommon in the old days. Others might be all buffalo rawhide.  As new saddles are being made we will add them to the website. Let us know what you are looking for and we can discuss prices, type and method of construction. Does not include saddle blanket. One like this one is priced at $950.
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Note: We are also in the process of making trapper items based on the Fur Trade Era. We will have a page just for these pieces.
Apache Style Arrow Quiver. Very close replica of an old Apache arrow quiver. Made from tanned steer hide and deer rawhide. It was not uncommon for the Apache to use steer and sometimes horse hide in their crafts especially when buffalo were scarce. Hard to see in this photo but underneath the bottom blue section with cut out diamonds is red wool cloth. Yellow ochre is ground up earth pigment and the blue is a mineral trade pigment. About 24" long. Includes 3 arrows. $250. A non shooting but accurately shaped and painted Apache style bow can be added for $50.
Plains Indian Saddle II. A slightly different type made in the same manner as above however the cinch has buffalo hair padding. This particular one was used in a couple television series pilots. $950
Please note that these shields are all medium weight buffalo rawhide, some with braintan buckskin covers and some without. With rawhide of this weight or thickness a willow hoop is used on the back. With some advance notice we can provide a much thicker, heat shrunken shield which does not need or use a hoop. Shields like this would have an image painted on the rawhide and then the braintanned cover  would receive most of the paint and decoration. Figure on an additional $100 and possible extra turn around time for the thicker heat shrunken rawhide. This thicker hide typically comes from the bull buffalo's neck and sometimes the rump.
Horse Masks.   The masks on the left and the right are war masks from the mid 1800's. The one in the middle is a late 1800's - early 1900's Crow/Nez Perce/Cayuse style mask used in parades and gatherings. If you have a mask in mind please contact us. Since the two war masks were made for a western artist to use in his paintings we won't make others exactly like them unless you are not an artist.  Prices vary greatly so give us a call or email.